One of the great thing about IL-2 is the capacity to “skin” aircraft, i.e. give them new camouflage and markings. Unlike, say, CFS2, there are no limits to how many skins you can have! And many of the skins done for IL-2 are pure works of art of amazing quality. At the following sites you can find great skins:

  • Mission 4 Today is perhaps the best overall site, when it comes to material for IL-2. I host my own campaigns here, so there is plenty more than just skins.
  • Flying Legends have a HUGE number of skins for every aircraft type, but beware: the site is very sluggish, and downloading can take quite some time. If you are looking for something specific, you will probably find it here.
  • Greg Boyington has some really excellent skins on his site, especially some very neat ones for JAAF (Japanese Army Airforce).
  • Pavlacs many skins are also not to be missed, and there are fine templates to be found there as well.
  • Les Chevalets du Ciel also houses many great skins, not least for Russian aircraft.
  • Canons skins are nice and always historically accurate. Check out his Ki-84’s and I-153’s!
  • On this site you can’t find any skins per se, but a super collection of links, leading – among other things – to collections of skins. And a LOT of other useful things as well. Actually one of the best link collections you can find for us IL2-fans. Don’t miss it!

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